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      ACAUT Nagaland due to massive financial crunch, with only contributions from among its members and few well wishers ACAUT has not been able to carry out its mission as desired, ACAUT having felt the need of finances in order to carry out the herculean task for tackling corruption by means of filing RTI’s, opening an office to compile and sort out the huge data of evidences collected, Filing PIL and hiring lawyers to pursue various matters, to organize district tours which requires ACAUT team to travel to various districts and to tackle the menace of unabated taxation.

      ACAUT Nagaland assures that every penny donated would be accounted for and audited by a chartered accountant; ACAUT Nagaland also assures that the people’s opinion on financial matters will be taken seriously; further, ACAUT Nagaland would periodically update its financial statement for public consumption.

      It is the firm belief of ACAUT that Nagas can collaborate as one to bring about a positive change for a better tomorrow. With the above points in mind, at this juncture any donations would be a HUGE HELP! It may be worth mentioning that as a matter of principal ACAUT has never sought any donation in the past, however many people have requested ACAUT to post their bank account details on the blog so that they may contribute in whatever way they can to further the movement of ACAUT. To maintain highest level of transparency ACAUT will not accept any contribution in the form of hard cash. So to those who wish to make contributions to the cause of ACAUT, the details of the Bank account are given below. Thank you.

      • ACCOUNT NAME : Acaut Nagaland
      • ACCOUNT NO : 348 548 40151
      • IFS CODE : SBIN0010762
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      Do you see corruption being perpetuated?

      Are you harassed by Governmental or Political Groups for Tax or any other Issues?

      Do you see lapses in accountability of Public Servants

      Do you want to remain silent in the face of injustice?

      Voicing Out is a better alternative to Silence.

      Report to Us at the contacts below.

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      We are a people's movement. We welcome anyone willing to contribute your time and effort in the events that ACAUT organises. If you would like to volunteer for any event, please let us know through any of the Contact Channels below.

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