Discrepancy in destruction of Seized IMFL

31st May, 2014

As per Commissioner of Excise order dated 22nd May, 2014, No. EX-5/10/05, assorted bottles of IMFL/beer, that is, 85,064 bottles/cans in numbers were destroyed on 26th May, 2014 at the office of the Commissioner, Excise in the presence of the Commissioner of Excise and staff.

ACAUT Nagaland team on reaching the premises found discrepancies in the number of bottles/cases brought from Excise Malkhana/godown. DUCCCF Vice-President asked the Excise officials to stop the process. Regardless of the opinion rendered, the officials went ahead with the destruction. The Commissioner of Excise broke the first bottle. This was a deliberate ploy to destroy any evidences of discrepancies.

ACAUT Nagaland team counted every cases of IMFL/Beer that was unloaded from 4 vehicles. The vehicles made 7 trips from the Excise Malkhana to the Commissioner office.

Total cases of IMFL/beer in the category of 750ml (IMFL), 180ml (IMFL), 375ml (IMFL), 650ml (beer) and 500ml (beer) to be destroyed was 85,064 bottles/cans (as per the Excise Commissioner order) or 4448 cases.

However, the actual number of cases destroyed was 2394 cases or in other words 2054 cases of IMFL/beer were missing. Therefore, the actual quantity destroyed was only 53.82%. The counting was done by ACAUT members in the presence of independent media represented by DD and local media houses and Excise officials. If the count is by the number of bottles destroyed the percentage of cases destroyed given could be much lower since some of the cases had missing bottles of IMFL and beer.

The ACAUT is of the conclusion that this is a clear case of pilferage of IMFL and assorted liquor by the Excise department and a clear case of corruption. How is it possible that 2054 cases vanished into thin air if not for the Excise officials diverting such a huge quantity into the black market? In rupee the amount easily runs into tens of lakhs. The possibility of such pilferage happening for a long time cannot be discounted since this is probably the first time that anyone actually bothered to count the bottles. The ACAUT Nagaland demands that the Government of Nagaland make a thorough enquiry into this matter. However, the government should refrain from making scapegoats of lower rank officials since it is clear that department big shots are involved in this mockery too and all guilty officials irrespective of rank should be booked and punished.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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