B.Sc. - Horticulture Seat Allocation.

13th August, 2014

That a meritorious student’s career can be jeopardized due to the machinations of top bureaucrats is appalling and highly condemnable. Ms. Watinaro A. Imsong, who secured 62nd position in All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) and was No. 1 in merit list for BSc (Horti) course was nominated by the Directorate of Technical Education for admission into YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Himachal Pradesh. Shockingly, she was denied admission into the reputed institute since one Imnatemsu Imchen, the son of Director of Horticulture, Nagaland had already been inducted for the lone seat by violating all the laid down norms. It may be mentioned that course seats in YSP University for Horticulture and Forestry are reserved for nominees of North East Council (NEC) and the NEC forwards the quota allotment to all the NE states, addressed to three departments, namely, Horticulture, Director of Higher & TE and Chief Conservator of Forest.

According to State Common Selection Board meeting held on 10th December 2010, it was resolved that "the Department of Technical Education, Nagaland is the only nodal nominating department (to nominate meritorious students) for study to various technical courses". This notification was forwarded to all the departmental HODs for "strict compliance" on 20th Jan 2011 by A. Kathipri, Director of Technical Education and also sent to North-East Council (NEC) too (copy enclosed).

Thereafter, F.P. Solo, Commissioner & Secretary, Department of H&TE, on 11th Dec 2013, notified that "during 2014 there shall be no state JEE. Selection of students for state reserved in Undergraduate Engineering and MBBS and Allied courses will be on the basis of JEE (Main) and All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT)".

On 21st April 2014, the registrar of YSP University wrote to NEC to send their nominees (students) for admission to 4 BSc (Horti) course seats. The admission date was cited as between 23rd-24th July 2014. Extension of admission date was deemed impossible.

On 6th May, 2014, the NEC wrote to the Director of Higher & TE, Director of Horticulture, and Chief Conservator of Forest of all the NE states asking for nominees.

On 19th May, the Director of Horticulture wrote to the NEC nominating her son, Imnatemsu for BSc (Horti) course citing NEC letter dated 8th May, 2014.

On 9th June 2014, the NEC wrote to the Registrar, YSP University nominating Imnatemsu for the said course.

ACAUT Nagaland would like to pose the following queries to the Director of Horticulture and the Chief Secretary:

On what basis was Imnatemsu nominated by the Director of Horticulture since she or the Department is not the competent authority to do so?

Since there was no state JEE nor did Imnatemsu appear for AIPMT, on criteria was he selected?

Did the Horticulture Department, Nagaland, call for interview for selection of students to BSc (Horti) course in YSP Univ? If so, why wasn’t it advertised? If so, isn’t it violative of laid down rules which states that only Deptt of Technical Education can do so?

What is the need of State Common Selection Board if the Horticulture Director can arbitrarily nominate students?

Ms. Watinaro who secured 62nd position in AIPMT and was No. 1 in merit list for BSc (Horti) course was nominated by the Directorate of Technical Education, dated 8th July 2014, for admission to YSP University, Himachal Pradesh. To the utter shock of Ms Watinaro and family, on 23rd July, the day of admission, they found out that one Imnatemsu had already taken the admission. The Director of Horticulture nominated Imnatemsu’s admission for the course to NEC on 19th May when AIPMT results were yet to be declared. AIPMT result was declared on 7th June only.

After this nepotism was brought to the notice of the Directorate of Technical Education, on 24th July it wrote to YSP University asking the University to cancel Imnatemsu’s admission. Once again the department in its letter explained that "the state government has decided to adopt the AIPMT as the basis for selection and nomination of candidates for admission into medical and allied courses".

The University on 25th July wrote to NEC to explain the anomaly (letter enclosed). For reasons best known to NEC, it has chosen to keep mum so far.

Left with no option, the aggrieved family members of Watinaro approached the Chief Secretary with proof and evidences of wrongdoing. However, instead of writing to NEC to cancel the nomination of Imnatemsu and select Ms. Watinaro, the State CS letter dated 5th August simply asked for 1 (one) more BSc (Horti) seat in YSP University to accommodate Ms. Watinaro. The CS letter simply did not do justice to the aggrieved party. Rather it was an embarrassment since no university will accommodate any CS letter or even NEC plea within 9 days - the presumed last date of admission being 14th August since many University rules usually permit admission even upto 20 days late.

That high ranking bureaucrats can play games of nepotism, practice open corruption at the cost of genuine deserving students is an eye opener for all Nagas. The ACAUT shall leave no stone unturned to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion. The aggrieved party approached NSF to take up the matter but to no avail. Therefore, it is the request of ACAUT Nagaland that the apex student body should be pro-active since careers of meritorious students are at stake.

ACAUT Nagaland.

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