SCERT & NPSC hand in glove in misusing public office

20th August, 2015

There is strong reason to believe that something is brewing in SCERT department. As per the NPSC clarification in the local media on 20th August, the ACAUT Nagaland can strongly surmise that the SCERT department asking the NPSC on two occasions, once, to reduce the qualification marks from 55% to 45% and the second time, requesting the Commission in 2011 to withdraw the examination for the posts of 14 Lecturers, Class 1 Gazetted, after it had requisitioned the posts to the NPSC in 2007 would only mean one thing: to squeeze in candidates of vested top bureaucrats and politicians through backdoor. As the NPSC has asserted, it went ahead with the conduct of examination in 2012. However, not surprisingly, as the ACAUT has recently come to know - thanks to whistle blowers - the SCERT department once again concealed a whopping 25 posts of Lecturers/Assistant Professors and the appointees from the NPSC,all appointed on contract in-between 2007-10. Later on, the Cabinet regularized the appointments on 22thMay 2015. The ACAUT furnishes the attached list to back up its claim.

Not only were the posts hidden from the NPSC,but all the 25 Lecturers/Asst.Professors were 'regularized' following an internal 'Suitability Test', thereby violating both P & AR Department and NPSC notifications that these posts falls under the mandate of NPSC open competitive examination. The 25 Lecturers/Asst.Professors were again given top preference when the Cabinet notified that except for their Point of Entry into Service, all pensions, gratuity, increments and other benefits shall be counted from the date of their initial appointment as contract appointees and not from the date of Cabinet decision which is 22thMay 2015. This regularization notification, though unfair and illegal, means.

  1. Any other appointees- apart from the 25 regularized ones- who were also appointed on ad hoc during the same period, that is, between 2007 and 2010, but not considered for 'regularization' by the Cabinet butnevertheless selected for the same post by the NPSC in its exam conducted in 2012 had the disadvantage of starting their service as juniors in terms of benefits and allowances since their date of entry into service would be recorded from the date of theirselection, that is, 2012. Consequently, their regularized colleaguesfrom the same previous batch, 2007-10, who did not appear for the NPSC examination but whose appointments were regularizedby the Cabinet on 22thMay 2015with backdated service benefits with effect from their date of joining the department as contract employees would enjoy an advantage of atleast 5-8 years of service perks over their NPSC selected colleagues. This brazen Cabinet notification means that something is amiss. For instance, backdating any service benefitsby 8 years mayaffect the seniority lists later on. For now the Cabinet may have toyed with service benefits and allowances buttheoretically speaking, there is no stopping the Cabinet or any future Cabinet from fudgingwith the seniority listof the same 25 Lecturers/Assistant Professors for added advantage later on. Therefore, backdating service benefits by 5-8 years may be a well thought out plan by powerful interest groups. The ACAUT Nagaland considers this as top-notch conspiracy.
  2. Since a precedence has been set in this premier department whose integrity should have been above reproach, the possibility of SCERT further regularizingthe 3posts of Research Assistants (Class 1), 6 posts of Training-cum- Research Assistants (Class II Gazetted), 19 posts of Lecturers (Class I Gazetted), and 8 posts of W.E Teachers/ Technicians/Statistician( Class II Gazetted), for a total of 36 (thirty- six) appointmentsall through ‘Direct Recruitment’ in the year 2014 cannot be ruled out in future. Finally, the PIO, SCERT should explain why this particular Cabinet notification on regularization was not furnished to the ACAUT Nagaland. The PIO should know that the ACAUT had filed an RTI with the department on 26th June, 2015 whereas the Cabinet regularized the 25 posts on 22thMay 2015 and the notification brought out on 1st June 2015 by the Commissioner & Secretary, SCERT.

ACAUT Nagaland.

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