ACAUT regrets the inability of Naga HOHO to attend the Common Platform program

8th September, 2015

ACAUT Nagaland regrets the inability of Naga HOHO to attend the common platform program organized by it on 12 th September 2015 at DDSC stadium, Dimapur. While respecting the concerns of the Naga Hoho, ACAUT Nagaland at the same time would like to assure all that the “Common Platform” program is simply a discourse on the current state of affairs in Nagaland and therefore, their fears are misplaced and unfounded.

ACAUT Nagaland having sensed the importance and need for Nagas to have frank and open dialogue at this juncture in Naga history is organizing the common platform where prominent citizens/intellectuals are being asked to air their views. However, it is disconcerting that most Nagas have not reconciled to the idea of sharing opinions and free exchange of ideas which is essentially what the common platform is. One of the aims of the Common Platform is to encourage honest discussion on democratization of the whole nation building process for which serious introspection is called for. It is absolutely important that any citizen’s rights to make informed decisions are not impinged as existed in an independent, democratic and republican Naga village system. An individual should not lose his democratic space to the selective decisions of a few at the cost of the vast but crucial uniformed majority.

The ACAUT Nagaland, through this common platform is trying to bring to fore the saner opinions of the intellectuals and prominent individuals which more often than not, are pushed to the periphery and seldom heard. It is critical that these voices are heard by all and understood by all stake holders. While applauding and respecting the initiative of the Naga HOHO to hold an international conference, ACAUT Nagaland feels that it is equally important to hold a grass root conference.

ACAUT Nagaland.

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