Common Platform Clarification

10th September, 2015

Once again there are misconceptions about the Common Platform programme which the ACAUT Nagaland is constrained to dispel. First of all, the common platform is not a consultative meeting in any sense of the term. Therefore, the needless exercise of raising of hands by the participating public to endorse resolutions does not arise. It is purely an open discussion platform where noted personalities and church leaders will voice their opinions on the theme “Nagas’ Opinion on Peaceful Settlement” and the citizens invited to listen and participate in the discussion. It is obvious that at this stage the platform cannot go beyond discussion and sharing of ideas vis-à-vis the Naga issue, and therefore, the apprehensions of various organizations are misplaced.

The ACAUT Nagaland earnestly appeals to one and all to participate in the upcoming "Common Platform program" to be held on 12th September, 3pm, DDSC, Dimapur. All apex tribal HOHO’s of the districts, the ACAUT units in the other districts, all mass-based organizations, Women Organizations, Student Organizations, Youth Organizations, GBs and DBs unions at all levels, Colleges and educational institutions, Churches of all denominations, business organizations in all the districts, etc., are requested to attend the discourse on peaceful settlement of Naga political issue. The ACAUT also appeals to all the Chairmen and general public under DUCCF, leaders and citizens of all the villages under Dimapur district, principals and faculty members of all the colleges, theological seminaries, intellectuals, concerned citizens, and the social media community to attend the programme.

ACAUT Nagaland.

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