Objection to NSCN(IM) issuing of Trade Licenses

25th September, 2015

ACAUT Nagaland strongly objects and condemns the issuing of Trade licenses to business houses and shops in Dimapur by the NSCN(IM), time and again it is the public and business community are made to bear the brunt of multiple taxations. ACAUT Nagaland cautions that such exercise should be discouraged tooth and nail by one and all and questions the logicality and absurdity of trade license being issued by the NSCN(IM) when the DMC under the District Administration is already issuing trade licenses.

Further the NSCN(IM) is reminded that in a reality of multiple factions , the exercise os issuing trade license is a trend that is extremely anti-peopleand is a matter of concern to the public if other factions too start issuing trade licenses, as in the face of pointing guns all factions are same as far as the general public is concerned.

Therefore the DMC under the District Administration are advised to look into the matter with utmost urgency and stop this dangerous trend before it gets out of control, needless to say that there can be only one authority that can issue trade license and such an exercise directly undermines the authority of the District Administration and unless this absurdity is stopped, it may come to a point where people may force the State Government and all NPGs to divide and sort out among themselves the revenue collected from trade license and not bother the public.

Further it is unacceptable that  for GPRN/NSCN to threaten the GB and council members of Medical Colony, Dimapur for refusing to pay Tax since it is only adhering to people’s resolution of “One Government One TAX” October 31st 2013 Rally. ACAUT Nagaland would like to caution the NPGs not to test the ire of the people but rather heed to the plea of the people.

ACAUT Nagaland appreciates the commendable work of Dimapur police in arresting two cadres of NSCN-R who were extorting money from shops in Dimapur and encourages that it ceaselessly continue its fight to being a sense of security and peace and restore people’s faith in law and order.

ACAUT Media Cell.

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