Backdoor appointments in Department of Rural Development.

17th July, 2015

It comes as little or no surprise that in spite of the scandalous expose by ACAUT Nagaland on rampant corruption and back door appointments by Rural Development Department (RDD), the state government is unwilling to act upon it for the obvious reason that almost all of the appointed RDOs/BDOs are the sons/daughters/relatives and kin’s of top bureaucrats and politiciansand having been directly appointed by them.This blatant abuse of power and authority is symptomatic of the wide gulf now afflicting naga society, namely, the emergence of the Haves and the Have nots and an oligarchic society controlled by the rich and the powerful. The ACAUT presents the following case before the general public for in-depth digestion:

  1. All the backdoor appointments mostly close ones of politicians and bureaucrats were recommended by Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries and gleefully carried out by the bureaucrats.
  2. Naga society has reached such depraved level that there is now no shame in appointing one’s own children. For instance, the then Principal Secretary, RDD,issued the appointment order appointing his own daughter as RDO on 4th March, 2006, later regularized as BDO in 2012. The then Commissioner and Secretary, RDD,issued the appointment order appointing his own son as RDO on 27th May, 2014, now waiting to be regularized as BDO.If the ACAUT Nagaland releases the father/husband names of all the appointees, it would be accused of witch-hunt; therefore, it has refrained from doing so.
  3. An RDO appointed in November 2012 resigned recently, just before the ACAUT published the names of all the 36 appointees. Why should anyone resign from a Class 1 gazetted post unless her appointment was as a result of favouritism and therefore illegal? However, she having set a laudable precedent, the RDD should have acted promptly on the other appointees.
  4. Citing Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (P&AR) Memorandum or service rules, those appointed between the years 2000 and 2010 were regularized in 2012. However, P&AR is nothing but a spineless agency having systematically diluted its own notifications to justify backdoor appointments. Under its 2001 notification dated 26th Feb’ 2001, issued by Chief Secretary RS Pandey, para 6 (iv) - (a), (b) says that NPSC shall be consulted for any contract appointment and clearance obtained from it. Para2, 4, 6(iv) confers upon NPSC the sole prerogative to regularize the posts through open examination. However, by 2007, the P&AR flouting all rules had reduced NPSC to an impotent spectator. 2007 Memorandum notified that “the Governor is pleased to order that contract employees may be regularized by the departments who have completed more than 3 years of continuous service…as on 14th May, 2007.” Thus, in a single stroke Chief Secretary Lalhuma allowed the State Cabinet the sole prerogative to appoint and regularize backdoor appointees.

The ACAUT Nagaland understands very well that the State Government will not take any action, that is, terminate the services of the backdoor appointees, thanks to lack of moral conviction and political acumen to grasps the feelings of the common man. Therefore, it is left with no option but to take recourse to actions as it deems fit, meanwhile educated unemployed youths and various student bodies must unite and initiate their own course of action as they deem fit to eradicate this scourge of a disease that has gone deep rooted over the years

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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