Press Release on NSCN Challan

25th July, 2015

Talk of any Naga National Government will surely look insincere if the UG factions don’t acknowledge the ground reality and talk the language of the masses which at this juncture means streamlining of unabated taxation. After almost 2 months of agitation against unabated taxations and syndicate/dealership system, and almost when we thought that the factions would be sympathetic to hardships faced by the common man, ACAUT is dismayed to learn that there is a hardening of stance on the part of UGs if the &quo;demand slips&quo; issued by various factions is anything to go by.

Most factions are going around town issuing demand slips to business community. A business-killing demand note of Rs. 3,00,000/- (three lakhs) issued by NSCN (K) to a Naga entrepreneur is surely most heinous and this mischief cannot be digested under any circumstances by ACAUT. In another instance, GPRN/NSCN has issued a demand slip of Rs. 30,000/- (thirty thousand) to another small Naga owned business which is most unreasonable even by their standards. Also, one Mr. Matthew Tangkhul of NSCN (IM) is also prowling around town forcibly collecting tax from shops. As if unabated taxation is not bad enough, that any revolutionary group professes to be people-mandated and not have sympathy on Naga businesses is beyond comprehension. How is it possible that highly educated leaders of these organizations who debate and negotiate with the GOI at the highest level have no idea about salaried economy, 60,000 educated unemployed youths, stagnant government jobs, and control of Nagaland economy by illegal immigrants and its social and political impact? Do these leaders understand how hard it is for "First Generation Nagas" to run businesses? Simply justifying taxation from a historical perspective of Naga freedom movement is not enough. Talking about the good of Nagas in foreign locations is not enough when the factions refuse to acknowledge the reality of taxation burden on home front; it is akin to the French queen Marie Antoinette infamous quote "Let them eat cake if there is no bread".

Also, it has come to the notice of ACAUT that Ad-hoc town committee, Purana Bazar, is collecting toll tax which is clearly illegal since it’s now defunct and East Dimapur area is now under SDO(C) Chumukedima. The SDO (C) is urged to arrest the culprits. According to an order issued by Jt. Labour Commissioner cum Registrar of Trade Union, Kohima dated Kohima, 12th Jan 2011, LBR/TECH-25/2009, "Dimapur Labour Trade Union (DLTU)" with Regd no. LBR- 25/87 dated 17/8/87 has been de-registered and therefore, all concerned are requested to notify the authorities in the event of this organisation collecting taxes.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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