Wuzu killings: ACAUT condemns Assam Rifles

30th July, 2015

The ACAUT Nagaland condemns the killing of two school children and injuring of one woman, all from Wuzu village under Meluri Sub-division on 16th July by the Assam Rifles in unprovoked firing. The statement of the Assam Rifles blaming the innocent public and NSCN-K both for the mayhem is unacceptable since eyewitness accounts and reports by various organisations clearly states that there was no provocation from the public or the NSCN-K. When the villagers had only peacefully gathered to request the commanding officer Major Surinder Singh to hand over of the dead body of the NSCN-K cadre to the villagers for burial, it is sheer cowardice that the Assam Rifles should have fired, whether pre-mediated or in panic, thereby, painfully costing the lives of innocent children. Again, when the whole Naga society is in uproar over this episode, the army could have humanely dealt with the issue instead of squarely blaming the villagers and NSCN-K for the killings, thus deepening the emotional wounds further.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland

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