Massive Backdoor Appointment in PWD

27th September, 2015

Out of 171 Junior Engineers (JEs) appointed between 2005 and 2015 in the State PWD, precious 61 seats were filled up through backdoor and only 110 selected through NPSC. Also, in a record of sorts, 21 JEs were squeezed into the department in one day alone, that is, on 22nd May 2015, as direct backdoor appointees. This new record was made by breaking the previous record set on 28th June, 2012, when 10 JEs were squeezed in into the department as backdoor appointees. However, in all fairness, 53 SDOs were appointed during the same period, all through NPSC.

Most incredibly, while the NPSC was in the process of notifying its Combined Technical Services Examination (electrical, mechanical, civil, etc.) for the posts of 18 JEs and 5 SDOs to be held in June 2015, the Nagaland PWD sneakily appointed the 21 JEs in May or during the same period. Thus, not only were meritorious candidates deprived of their seats, the NPSC was made to appear foolish as well.

In another most appalling situation, between 2008 and 2015, 1092 posts of Section officer- Grade 1 & 11, Section Assistant and LDA; all requiring minimum qualifications of graduate and above or diploma in engineering were appointed without the department following any transparent selection process.

Thus, out of the total 1316 appointments, a massive 1153 or 88% comprised backdoor appointments.

Year Name of
Num of
Mode of
2005 Junior Engineer 2 Cabinet Approved/
Direct appointment
2007 Junior Engineer 10 Direct appointment Backdoor
2008 Junior Engineer 5 Direct appointment Backdoor
2009 Junior Engineer 13 Cabinet Approved/
Direct appointment
2012 Junior Engineer 10 Direct appointment Backdoor
2015 Junior Engineer 21 Direct appointment Backdoor
Total 61 Posts
2008-15 Section officer
- Grade 1 & 11,
Section Assistant,
and LDA
1092 Direct appointment Backdoor

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