Backdoor appointment in Higher Education department

12th October, 2015

Departments serving the purpose of education in the state should be free from all encumbrances but in reality, the School Education, SCERT, Technical Education, and Higher Education departments are viewed as prime departments able to absorb thousands of backdoor appointees. As a result, the quality of education being churned out in the state is much debatable. As per RTI documents, between the years 2005 and 2015, 39 Lecturers and Assistant Professors were regularized at various points of time foregoing the NPSC route of selection through merit.

As if backdoor appointment was not flagrant violation of rules itself, in a most astonishing case of supreme arrogance and we-are-above-the-law attitude, in the year 2013-14, 7 (seven) contract employees in the rank of Assistant Professors were regularized by the Department despite not having cleared National Eligibility Test (NET), which is mandatory for recruitment to such post; again another instance of cosy relationship enjoyed between the bureaucrats and politicians without much fear of accountability. Also, another appointee to the same post was not in possession of M.Ed degree, which is clearly disqualifiable.

# Year of
Num of
Post Remarks
1 2007 22 Lecturer: NPSC post Backdoor Appointment
2 2011 6 Assistant Professor: NPSC post Backdoor Appointment
3 2012 1 Assistant Professor: NPSC post Backdoor Appointment
4 2012 1 Hub Engineer: NPSC post Backdoor Appointment
5 2013 9 Assistant Professor: NPSC post Backdoor Appointment.
7 appointees without
NET certification
and 1 appointee without
M.Ed. degree
Total 39 Posts

According to the Department’s notification dated 24/8/2010, NET certification is compulsory for recruitment. Between the years 2005 and 2015, another 82 were also appointed through NPSC examination. Thus, out of the total 121 appointments between the mentioned years, roughly 32% were backdoor appointees.

The ACAUT Nagaland understands that in the light of backdoor appointment exposes, there were heightened expectations from the student community and society in general for ACAUT to deliver immediate results. While the technical aspect of backdoor appointment and its illegality is clear-cut, there are also aspects to backdoor appointments which are complex, with variables such as tribe, range, region, politics, power politics, and sundry, all potential derailing factors and therefore, the issue had to be studied and treaded carefully.

The issue before ACAUT Nagaland is clear: all those appointments which have bypassed the NPSC are clearly deemed illegal and having undermined a duly constituted constitutional body, the only recourse to settlement is through the filing of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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