Delay in scholarship release

19th October, 2015

The issue of scholarship release to the student community by the State Higher Education department is being allowed to stretch longer than it should have been. While there have been reports of partial release of scholarships within the State, it seems the same has not been released so far for the students studying outside the State. The ACAUT cannot believe that the same authorities who do not waste time deducting percentages of the scholarship fund meant for tens of thousands of students should now cite ‘fund shortage’ for this delay. In any case, fund shortage is a ruse since the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) will not release funds meant for the students in part. The only plausible explanations would be that the funds have been adjusted somewhere else, not necessarily for the students’ welfare. Also, sometimes funds are kept in the banks for certain periods allowing interests to accumulate for the ‘welfare of the officials’. When students in Manipur and elsewhere have received their scholarship by the middle of the year- disbursed by the same MoTA that Nagaland students should be kept in the cold till October defies logic unless some hush-hush affair is in the offing.

In any case, the issue before us is not only condemnable but morally repugnant too. Has governance sunk so low that students, our own children, should suffer because of our greed? A thorough investigation should reveal many skeletons in the cupboard and it will be done.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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