Walk Against Corruption

24th October, 2015

Nagaland today is trapped in high corruption equilibrium and though the state Government is presented with evidences of pervasive corruption penetrating into every sphere of our daily lives, the inability or the unwillingness and the very casual attitude of the Government toward this malaise just goes to demonstrate how sick and pervasive corruption has become in the State of Nagaland. Faced with thisCulture of Corruption, the ACAUT Nagaland is of the viewthat only a moral revolutioncoupled with court rulingscan root out this disease; if not,we as a people are surely headed for social anarchy andour aspirations of a prosperous and Just society a distant dream only.

One of the ways to counter the culture of corruption is through mass awareness campaigns. The exposes on backdoor appointments is one such. That the courts will decide on the fate of the backdoor appointees and the authorities responsible for such is another aspect of the fight against corruption.The ACAUT Nagaland is undertaking a "Walk Against Corruption" from Dimapur (Chumukedima) to Kohima on 30th and 31st October culminating with a petition to be submitted to the Governor, BP Acharya at the Raj Bhavan, Kohima. This Walk event is another form of awareness campaign. It is coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of the 31st October public rally held at Dimapur, 2013,and the commitment made to the people to fight corruption. This "Walk Against Corruption" to Kohima will be undertaken by few ACAUT members along with committed well-wishers who strongly feel against corruption.

The walk will commence from Chumukedima on 30th October and the participants will halt at Piphima the same day. The next day, that is, 31st October, participants will commence the walk to Kohima. Keeping in perspective that the ACAUT Nagaland is a people’s movement, individuals from Kohima willing to walk the event may gather at Kohima War Cemetary area for the final lap together to Raj Bhavan.Further details shall be brought out at a later date in all the print as well as social media.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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