Walk Against Corruption: Appreciation

3rd November, 2015

The ACAUT Nagaland petition to the Hon’ble Governor and the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland urging the government to tackle corruption with outmost seriousness in the form of a strong Lok Ayukta and implementation of the HPC report was signed by 70 participants of the "Walk Against Corruption" and 529 signatories. As the walk proceeded from Chumoukedima to Kohima, village council leaders, GBs, youth and women leaders, and lay citizens of villages and towns along the route spiritedly signed the petition. After covering the distance over two days, on 31st October at Kohima, a short programme was held where Pastor Shan Kikon of Faith Harvest Church, Jabou Sekhose, President of KCCI and noted personalities- Peter Rutsa and Yanfo Kikon spoke and thereafter, tribal hoho leaders, youths, students, and members representing various organisations signed on the petition, namely, Kohima Law College, Nagaland University- Meriema Campus, KCCI, Educated Unemployed Union Nagaland, Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Kohima, Rengma Public Union Kohima, Konyak Union Kohima, GBs of various wards, Kohima, Nagaland Adventure Club, and students of different colleges.

The ACAUT Nagaland expresses its deepest appreciation to the participants of the “Walk Against Corruption”, who, being convicted that corruption is now the scourge of our Society decided to undertake the walk to Kohima. The extraordinary outpouring of hospitality, generosity and concern for the ACAUT movement and for the participants of the Walk from individuals, organisations, villagers, shop keepers and fruit vendors along the way to Kohima has made the ACAUT stronger in its resolve to carry out its mandated objectives. The ACAUT Nagaland would like to thank the following individuals, villages and organisations for their most valuable contribution towards the event:

  1. All the participants of the walk, especially, women participants and students of SM College, Immanuel College, Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Mount Olive College (Kohima), and Faith In Action (Taekwondo). Special mention may be made for Mr. Neingusie Meyase, the 80 year old former NNC/FGN cadre who walked between Medziphema and Pherima, thereby greatly inspiring the participants.
  2. Rev. Lhouzoviu Shuya, Pastor of Chumoukedima Village for invocation during the flag off programme.
  3. Mr. Razouvotuo Chatsu, Chairman of Chumoukedima Village and also President of CAVCA for flagging off the programme.
  4. Mr. Visasier Kevichusa, Church leader of Kingdom Culture Project, Dimapur, for his prayer blessings upon the Walk programme on 28th October.
  5. Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce and Trade Association for breakfast on 30th October.
  6. Jharnapani Village Council for refreshment.
  7. Medziphema Town People’s Organisation for hosting a public meeting at Medziphema town and refreshment.
  8. Pherima/Sakhipheto/Alato villages for hosting a public meeting at Pherima and sponsoring lunch for the participants.
  9. Piphema Village Council for arranging accommodation for the participants and the ACAUT team and for hosting dinner on the 30th October and breakfast on the 31st October.
  10. Peducha Village Council for refreshment and support.
  11. Sechu-Zubza Village Council for organizing a public meeting and sponsoring lunch for the participants. Despite the village council’s prior engagement as host for Western Angami Public Organisation meeting, the village graciously hosted a public meeting for ACAUT along with Western Angami Public Organisation dignitaries.
  12. Khonoma Youth Organisation for their physical presence, and letter of support and encouragement.
  13. Kohima Stone Crushers’ Owners Union for providing refreshment near police Check post, Kohima bypass.
  14. Peter Rutsa and Yanpo Kikon, founder of The Naga Blog for all the necessary arrangements at Kohima War Cemetary, Kohima.
  15. The Curator of Kohima War Cemetary.
  16. Pastor Shan Kikon, Faith Harvest Church, Kohima, for his words of encouragement and prayer.
  17. Nilli Motors, Dimapur for donating T-Shirts for the event.
  18. Nagaland Medicine Dealers Association (NMDA) for arranging an ambulance.
  19. CMO Dimapur for detailing a doctor and a nurse.
  20. Dr. Obed for his service and providing medicines.
  21. Ms. Zana, nurse, Civil Hospital, Dimapur, for her service.
  22. Ms. Neikhozole, nurse, Pherima PHC for her voluntary service.
  23. Nurse of Sechu-Zubza PHC for her voluntary service.
  24. Mr. Jabou Sekhose, President of Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) and his team for arranging the Kohima programme and for providing 2 (buses) for transportation of participants back to Dimapur.
  25. Local vendors of Sechu-Zubza for nourishing the participants with fruits.
  26. Local vendors of Kohima for nourishing the participants with fruits.
  27. The Police Commissionerate of Dimapur and the district administrations of Dimapur and Kohima for taking care of the security arrangements, including traffic, along the route. Special mention may be made of police personnel, including OC Vithalitou Kire of Medziphema police station, and the Dobashis for walking with the participants.
  28. Mr. Meshenchu Kez for ferrying the needs of the participants.
  29. Foothill Restaurant, Chumoukedima, for arranging accommodation for Kohima participants on 29th October.
  30. Mr. Akashe Zhimomi for dinner on the 31st October for the participants.
  31. Mr. ImliMar Longkumer for donating Rs. 5000/-
  32. Mr. Yiheto Zhimomi for donating Rs. 10,000/-
  33. Unknown well-wisher for donating Rs. 1000/- for the event, at Patkai Bridge, 30th October.
  34. Unknown well-wisher for donating Rs. 500/-
  35. Mr. Kinkavi Kinimi for donating packaged water and glucose.
  36. Zakiesato Colony Council (Ward 2) for donating 50 cartons of packaged water.
  37. Crescendo for PA system.
  38. All the media houses for covering the event.
  39. Ms. Asenla Losang for covering the event as the official photographer.
  40. Mr. Avi Chasie for covering the event as the official videographer.
  41. Mr. Moa Jamir, journalist for Morung Express for embedding himself in the group as one of the participants and covering the event.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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