Anti-Extortion Cells

26th January, 2016

Realizing that the only industry in Nagaland is the 'extortion industry' and having taken cognizance of the numerous ACAUT petitions to the State Government, the Government of India through its Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) finally directed the State Government to form "Anti-Extortion Cells" and "Quick Response Teams" in all the districts. This directive, though timely, is nevertheless a censure upon the State Government which definitely would not have arisen had it taken seriously the numerous petitions of the ACAUT movement submitted to the former since the latter’s inception.

Accordingly, the DGP, Nagaland, issued an office memorandum on 14th September 2015 directing the SPs/Commissioner of the districts to set up both the AECs and QRTs at the earliest. While the very nature of these cells is to tackle the mammoth extortion enterprise operating overtime in all the districts, none of the district police establishments have publicly announced the setting up of the two cells. The PHQ may issue the necessary clarification as to whether the directive of its own DGP has being implemented in letter and spirit; and if yes, why the secrecy when the very first thing it should have done is to publicly announce the formation of the two bodies. Pending such clarification the ACAUT Nagaland is inclined to believe that external factors may have forced the PHQ to put a stop to such commendable measures.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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