Mokokchung Rice Scam

11th February, 2016

While the store keeper of Food and Civil Supply (F&CS) department, Mokokchung, is on the run, the fact of the matter is that the department in the eye of the storm, F&CS, is conspicuous by its silence. Without doubt, F&CS department is one of the most unaccounted for department and the least transparent in the state. This is the ‘bread and butter’ department for the political class and therefore it comes as no surprise that the store keeper is still evading arrest even when the unearthing of the scam happened on 31st Jan 2016, thanks to Mokokchung Youth Organization and other civil society organizations. It is thus imperative that the DC of Mokokchung treat this issue most seriously and thoroughly probe the matter in a free and impartial manner.

In order that the inquiry committee set up by the DC Mokokchung is free from questionable influences, it is strongly suggested that the DC include 2 members from Mokokchung civil society as demanded by civil society organizations. Unless this demand is fulfilled, the DC will not be able to escape allegations that he himself has vested interest or is acting at the behest of his political and administrative bosses or even the undergrounds in order to sweep the issue under the carpet.

While the rice scam is being probed, the DC of Mokokchung is also requested to see whether kerosene, wheat and other essential commodities reaches the beneficiaries in Mokokchung district. In fact, the DCs of all the districts are requested to probe whether PDS items such as rice, kerosene, wheat, etc., reaches the beneficiaries at all. Rather, the allegation in certain quarters is that F&CS department cannot undertake this massive siphoning exercise without the "help and aid" of the district administration. It is up to the DCs of the districts to prove otherwise.

The ACAUT appeals to all the tribal youth organizations in all the districts to declare an all-out "War Against Corruption". The various youth organizations may also check whether welfare departments such as Rural Department, Social welfare department, Relief and Rehabilitation department, etc., have been acting in the interest of the rural people. The war against rampant corruption in Nagaland has so much in the interest of our well-being, as to be bogged down by narrow variables such clanism, villageism, rangeism, and tribalism.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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