Backdoor appointment of doctors in Health & Family Welfare department

23rd February, 2016

According to a shocking report received by the ACAUT Nagaland, 18 candidates who were declared to have cleared the post of Medical Officers (MO) by the NPSC on 31st October 2015 are still awaiting their induction into the Health & Family Welfare department since their seats have been blocked by 19 backdoor appointees (out of total 47), 2009-11 batch, which the Minister and the department wants to regularize first. This fracas is too outrageous to even comprehend and most condemnable since the department seem to be hell bent on playing with the lives of precious 18 individuals who are being victimized for no fault of theirs. It’s a blatant assault upon the good senses of every right thinking citizen who believe in the rule of law and sense of fair play we expect from some of the highest authority in the land. This is an injustice of Biblical proportion which says that one should always treat the poor, the widow and the fatherless with justice and compassion which obviously is not an issue in the state of "Nagaland for Christ".

The issue is all the more upsetting because, despite understanding the illegality of the process to regularize the 19 backdoor appointees at the cost of the meritorious ones, both the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary are yet to react even when petitions have been submitted to them, it seems, by the aggrieved candidates. This again is shocking when we learn that 25th February is the last date for submission of MO appointment letters for those among the 18 NPSC cleared candidates who have passed the All-India Post-Graduate medical examination for specialized courses. Why is it that saner voices in the State government are keeping silent? Under no circumstances should the P&AR department succumb to the pressure of the H&FW department to regularize the backdoor appointees and the H&FW department should immediately issue the appointment order of the 18 NPSC cleared candidates before the 25th of February. Let the rule of law prevail.

The H&FW department is reminded that the case of backdoor appointment of its 47 doctors is pending in the Gauhati High Court as a PIL filed by the ACAUT Nagaland and therefore the move to regularize these 19 doctors is highly illegal for which there will be consequences.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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