Press Release on Mockokchung DC

11th March, 2016

If the District Administration of Mokokchung was really concerned with the welfare of the poorer sections of society and bent on upholding the rule of law, the DC should have recommended the immediate suspension of the Store Keeper, F&CS department, instead of setting up an Inquiry Committee which the common folks understand as “allowing the guilty to go scot free”. Thus, the DC in one masterstroke managed to wash off his hands from the whole sordid affair as well as protect the real masterminds when it was within his power to take appropriate action.

Secondly, no sincere effort was made by the Mokokchung police to arrest the accused. The accused was no Osama bin Laden that he could have managed to evade arrest for so long. Instead, he was given ample time, may be even advised to take anticipatory bail which the Storekeeper eventually did. Thus, the full force of the district machinery was mobilized to protect the accused.

Against this background, it’s not surprising that the DC Mokokchung has threatened to arrest MTLT members for exposing the Mid-day meal scam in Mokokchung town. The ACAUT Nagaland questions the DC whether there are two sets of law, one to protect the rich and the affluent and another to harass progressive minded organizations and individuals who are solely concerned for the good of society. Had the DC been quick then to cite CrPC, 1973, as he’s doing now to intimidate MTLT, the Storekeeper, F&CS would have been promptly arrested and suspended by now. Quoting Section 441, IPC, 1896, whereby the DC suggested that aggrieved government officials could seek legal remedy against MTLT, is a classic case of “Defense Mechanism” where one takes an aggressive stand to instill fear and discourage and dissent, in this case, their non-justifiable positions. On one hand the government’s political rhetoric is asking people to be vigilant against corruptions where as in practice it is just the opposite, any fair minded person would question whether the government is working for the people or against its people, it’s only in a third-rate state like Nagaland with no semblance of governance that the law can be mocked at will.

As conscience-keepers, the MTLT cannot be threatened and harassed for doing what the DC himself should be doing. The ACAUT fully supports the yeomen service rendered by the MTLT to root out corruption and stands shoulder to shoulder with the progressive youths of Mokokchung.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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