Medical Officer appointment in H&FW Department

16th March, 2016

If the order of the H&FW department, dated, 26 th Feb 2016, is any indication, the government has given up its attempt to regularize the 19 backdoor appointee doctors as Medical officers. This is in tune with Atouzo Pienyu (Dr) & Ors vrs. The State of Nagaland & Ors, where the Hon’ble High Court, Kohima Bench, on 14th November 2014, not only set aside the regularization of 13 out of 15 doctors as Veterinary Assistant Surgeons (VAS) but also dismissed their appointment (However, in an act of mercy, the Court also ruled that the dismissed doctors could re-apply for the post through appropriate NPSC examination process considering that most had crossed the age-limit).

The order signed by the Principal Director, H&FW department, has rightfully requisitioned the NPSC for 40 posts of MOs. This necessarily means that all the present 40 backdoor appointee MOs in the department, including the 19 presently seeking regularization, have already been relinquished of their posts, thus allowing merit to prevail through open competitive examination to be conducted by the NPSC.

The ACAUT Nagaland requests all the HoDs and AHoDs to implement the Hon’ble High Court ruling in letter and in spirit.

Download Principal Director's order on requisition of Medical Officer (M.O) post to NPSC.

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