Press Release on CAG Report

20th March, 2016

Though the detection of anomalies and rampant corruption in various governmental department by CAG is startling by any standard yet it comes as no surprise and one can be certain that it is just the tip of the iceberg in the sea of corruption that goes on in Nagaland however what is strikes out in the CAG report is the impunity of the officials involved in corruption.

According to CAG report MGNREGA fund transfer to personal account of by BDO Tokiyi, Zuneboto and the gross misappropriation of MGNREGA funds for Aghunaga are glaring examples and of how MGNREGA scheme has been a total failure in Nagaland.

The payment of Rs. 2.32 crores to 48 ineligible and seven non-functional societies allegedly by the Director of Industries and Commerce is telling - as to why industries fail to come up in Nagaland, it is extremely reprehensible that when genuine Small scale units and entrepreneurs struggle without any subsidies or assistance, funds are being diverted to phantom units.

Further, thousands of unemployed Naga youth languish with their talent wasted due to lack infrastructures and facilities to hone their skills as funds meant for this have been unscrupulously diverted by the department of Youth Resource and Sports there by jeopardizing the future of Nagas for the greed of few, while enough funds have been poured for the completion the Sovima cricket stadium it is yet to see the light of day.

The CAG reports and Facts show that almost all the governmental departments are deeply mired in rampant corruption and it’s practiced with such impunity that it’s an insult to intelligence of the Naga populace. Thus against the back drop of such glaring and undeniable proof of corruption, fund diversions and embezzlement of governmental funds, the only questions that remains is, will the government of Nagaland act on it?

ACAUT Nagaland demands that:

  1. The government immediately suspend the officials implicated/alleged on corruption in the CAG report so that there is no obstruction of justice.
  2. The Government should immediately seize moveable and non-moveable assets of those who have been implicated in the CAG report so as to recover the funds misappropriated.
  3. Prosecute those implicated of corruption stringently as per the law.
  4. Considering the scale and severity of corruption the Government of Nagaland should bring in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in order to have a credible and impartial inquiry.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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