Press release on CEO's initiative to clean up the state’s E-Roll

5th April, 2016

The ACAUT Nagaland committed its full support to the Chief Electoral Officer’s initiative to clean up the state’s E-Roll during the consultative meet held on 4th April, 2016. The ACAUT Nagaland presented certain facts on E-Roll and related processes.

  1. Bogus and multiple entries of names in the E-Roll is the root of corruption in the State.
  2. Both the Census 2011 figures as well as the E-Roll numbers are incorrect. The census population of Nagaland cannot be more than 12 lakhs and the E-roll cannot be more than 7 lakhs.
  3. Any individual having more than 2 names in the E-Roll should be prosecuted and jailed as per the Representation of People’s Act. So far the State Election Commission has failed to apply the full force of the law.
  4. The village councils and chieftains/GBs are the true repository of power at the village level. The election commission should reach out to this sector if at all clean E-Roll is to be a success.
  5. Solely depending on block level officer (BLOs) will not bring about clean E-Roll. No BLO can delete names in the E-Roll without incurring the wrath of the village councils.
  6. Unemployed youths drawn from all over the State should be empanelled to assist the BLOs in identification of bogus/multiple entries of names and ghost households.
  7. The names of illegal immigrants should be struck off immediately. Illegal immigrants cannot be allowed to exercise political power.
  8. Aadhar Card should be compulsorily linked to E-Roll. The Election Commission of India should appeal to the Supreme Court to make an exception for Nagaland given the state’s unenviable inflated E-Roll position.
  9. The ECI should adopt Nagaland as a pilot project State to implement its clean E-Roll agenda.
  10. The ECI should consider introducing biometric EVMs during the next assembly elections in the State.
  11. For starters, the State Election Commission should issue notices to all the government servants working in the Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima, to immediately delete their multiple entries of names.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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