Press Release on Department of School Education

13th April, 2016

The incompetency and mismanagement of the Department Education is becoming almost legendary, only to be matched by the legendary tolerance by of the Naga people, The Department of School Education (DoSE) has become a sick department mired in every conceivable form of corruption- nepotism, back door appointment, Non-payment of salary, mid-day meal scam, non-function government schools, non- release of text books, bogus- proxy teachers the list is endless, in fact there seem nothing positive to be said about this department. The department desperately needs an over haul sadly the State Government seem to care less? The state vigilance commission on their part seems virtually nonexistent and all the while the future of Nagas is being gambled away. It is really unfortunate that the department upon which the children’s future depend on, should be mired in controversy of corruptions and mismanagement in the scope and scale that would virtually make other departments look corruption free.

ACAUT Nagaland is extremely worried that the children of Government primary schools have still not received text books for the year 2016, when the first quarter of the year is almost over. This lapse in delivery of primary texts book on time is a matter of corruption in most diabolical nature. Destroying other children’s lives to secure one’s children future cannot be atoned by going to church regularly and giving large donations.

The Government should look into the matter with utmost urgency and initiate a thorough inquiry into it and take stringent action against those responsible for it, to ensure that future of children are not jeopardized. The state vigilance commission must take sou motu action over the matter, if it is show that it is indeed doing its job.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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