ACAUT response to Secretary of Food and Civil Supplies (F&CS)

20th April, 2016

The reaction of the Mr. Ramongo Lotha, Secretary of Food and Civil Supplies (F&CS) is astounding and most unfortunate, the statement smacks of arrogance and total disrespect to the intelligence of Nagas. To say that he is unaware of the misappropriation of whopping 402 crores as report has not been received from CAG or from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is simply outrageous as CAG report is all out in the public domain. It is also the prerogative of the Secretary F&CS, as head of department to check on any misappropriation in his department and to deny ignorance of misappropriation of not in terms of lakhs but hundreds of Crores is just not acceptable by any standard.

It also raises the question whether the Chief Secretary and the Government have submitted the CAG report to the PAC and if so, why has the PAC not submitted the report to F&CS. Either way, it seems quite apparent that there’s a conspiracy by all parties involved to hush up the matter. The Secretary of F&CS has, in essence, directly implicated the Chief Secretary, The Government of Nagaland, and the PAC for the failure to notify the Department of F&CS on the misappropriation of 402 Crores. Thus, it is requisite on the Chief Secretary, Government of Nagaland, and the PAC to clarify the matter at the earliest.

ACAUT Nagaland demands:

  1. Mr.Ramongo Lotha, Secretary of F&CS as the head of the Department, be held accountable and immediately suspended on moral grounds, on his failure to discharge his duties to check and act on the gross misappropriation 402 crores in his Department and to enable an impartial inquiry.
  2. That Central Bureau of Investigation is summoned to investigate this enormous misappropriation.
  3. The Government of Nagaland, Chief Secretary, and the PAC must clarify to the people on why such gross misappropriation has not been notified and acted on.

ACAUT Nagaland warns that unless the Government bring in the CBI to investigate this huge misappropriation of public money, it will have no choice but resort to drastic measures even to the extent of calling the public and closing down the Department of F&CS indefinitely.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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