Misappropriation of PDS by F&CS departmet

2nd May, 2016

Central Allocation: Monthly

# No. of Beneficiary Rice in MT Wheat MT Atta MT Sugar
1 BPL - 77107 2159 496.56
2 APL 4360 1873
3 AAY - 47786 1338 326
4 Annapurna - 6727 Nil Nil
5 Welfare scheme: NGOs, Welfare Institution etc. 104 104
6 SC/ST Hostel Scheme 188.075 188.075
Total Central Allocation 8149.075 MT 2491.075 MT 496.56 11790 1369 KL

The facts and figures above tells of a rampant and systematic abuse in F&CS department in the state of Nagaland, no wonder it’s the most favored portfolio among the successive elected representatives. It is amply clear that Nagaland receives more than the share required by the actual population and further compounded by our inflated census.

It is a surprising for a rice eating state that 30% of food grain allocation is wheat and atta and since wheat and atta are not staple diet of Nagas, it is not distributed or allocated to the fair price shops. ACAUT Nagaland survey has shown that none of the fair price shops receives wheat and atta and so the question arises as to what happens to these commodities (worth crores), or more importantly, who takes it? Thus, indicating a clear case of misappropriation at govt. level in terms of crores per month, which the public is entitled to know.

Secondly, while Sugar is allocated to fair price shops in departmental papers it remains in paper only. All the fair price shops that ACAUT surveyed do not receive sugar.

Thirdly, Nagaland receives 13, 69,000 (thirteen Lakhs sixty nine thousand) liters of kerosene oil, but as per the findings only 9,27,000 (nine lakh twenty seven thousands) liters is allocated to all the districts of Nagaland .Thus leaving 4,42,000 liter being unaccountable monthly at govt. level. Here, it may be mentioned that even the allocated quantity does not reach the public nor is it supplied regularly. However, as per ACAUT Nagaland survey it is available in Retail shop at Rs. 50-60/- The misappropriation in Kerosene oil is also in terms of crores monthly.

Nagaland monthly food grain allocation is 11,13,6710 kgs (eleven crore thirteen lakhs six thousand seven hundred and ten) and has population of 19, 80,602 as per 2011 census (which is highly inflated). If divided, the per capita allocation is 5.62 Kgs from Chief Minister to the last child. ACAUT Nagaland appeals to all to ponder that if these items were judiciously allocated to all the genuine and needy population of all districts of Nagaland, then it would be safe to assume that there would be hardly any wheat, rice and Atta retail shops in Nagaland as the quantity supplied through PDS would sufficient for whole of Nagaland.

It should be deeply worrying to all that when thousands of families all over Nagaland are struggling for their lively hood on a daily basis, where parents have to constantly worry about where their next meal is going to come from, when daughters, sisters, mothers are prostituting in the towns of Nagaland and cities of India and sons, brothers and fathers are resorting to criminal activities as last resort to put food on the table that a few corrupted, selfish and unscrupulous individuals without conscious should be allowed to go on with their looting spree with unbelievable impunity. ACAUT Nagaland fervently appeals to all specially to the churches to rise up against, what is truly a shameful crime against humanity.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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