Delay in payment of compensation by NHIDCL

4th May, 2016

The lives of the landowners have been put on hold for the last 2 years going through the agony of uncertainty, and while the NHIDCL (National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd) plays hide and seek with the landowners, the price of the land has gone up since the last time the rates were fixed. The concerns of the affected land owners are genuine and a matter of serious concern as they had agreed to part with their property in the larger interest of the state at a very nominal rate. But the delay in the payment of compensation have victimized the landowners who now have to settle for a lesser value than they have actually bargained for, vis-à-vis their counterparts in other districts, and even Assam.

The ACAUT Nagaland has so far not carried the non-payment of compensation issue beyond a certain level other than file a few RTIs related to the matter. However, given the misery of the affected landowners, it would be compelled to adopt confrontation as a method which may not bode well for any of the parties. The careless attitude and apathy on the part of NHIDCL is a classic case of corporate irresponsibility guided only by profit factor. ACAUT Nagaland makes its final appeal to NHIDCL to immediately release the compensation money to the affected landowners before the revised rates based on 2016 rate come into effect, after which the NHIDCL will be solely responsible for any compounded problems.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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