Press Release: Arbitrary raid by Dimapur police without any search warrant.

6th June, 2016

While ACAUT Nagaland acknowledges the commendable jobs done by Dimapur police in maintaining law and order, it also regrets the arbitrary raid at the residence of a respectable citizen of Dimapur without any search warrant, which is illegal. Apart from the illegality aspect, the police should realise that its action has caused undue embarrassment and mental agony to the family of Akashe Zhimomi, GB of Iralibill village. For a dedicated family man like Akashe, who is also a core leader in ACAUT Nagaland, the stigma of police raid is something which will remain as a black-spot in his honorable life. The police top-brass should humbly realise that while it may have every good intentions to bring about an ordered society, few gung-ho lower cadre officers can spoil its entire image and therefore, ACAUT Nagaland fully endorse and supports the demand of DEEHA so that it serves as a lesson to all police force that none is above the law. The fragile fabric of democracy with its check and balances must be guarded at all times; hence ACAUT Nagaland deems this incident as very unfortunate which Dimapur police must acknowledge as serious oversight on its part. ACAUT Nagaland requests the custodians of law and order to be to be mindful of civil rights.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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