Press Release: 24% salary deduction by CMO, Kiphire.

9th June, 2016

The ACAUT Nagaland has evidence that the office of the CMO, Kiphire, has deducted and collected approximately 15 lakhs from its employee salaries to be distributed equally to 4 (four) Underground factions. It is also in the knowledge that every government department in Kiphire district, as per the ongoing practice, is going to hand over their 24% deducted money to the 4 factions through the good office of a certain traditional body of the district. It is unbelievable that such a respected body would be party to what is essentially an extortion racket and the ACAUT Nagaland totally condemns the unholy alliance. In case the DC of Kiphire is unaware of this racket, he is requested to take cognizance of this press release and dismantle the extortion racket being carried out for whatever ill justified reasons.

As per the public declaration of the ACAUT whereby, all the departments have been requested to return the deducted amounts of its employees within 1 week or on or before 13th June, the CMO of Kiphire is requested to do so or else FIR would be filed.

On the issue of 24% extortion and demands by UG groups, the ACAUT Nagaland is of the firm view that most of the district administrative officers have lost their courage- thereby exposing almost 1,00,000 lower-cadre government employees to anti-people elements and vested interest NGOs. This probably explains why the Mokokchung police and the district administration still haven’t arrested the so-called Town Commander of the NSCN-IM even after a week of FIR being filed.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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