ACAUT condemns the summon issued to Yikhum Village GBs and VDB members.

10th June, 2016

The ACAUT Nagaland condemns the summon issued to Yikhum Village GBs and VDB members by the so called Town Commander of Wokha town, NSCN-IM to its Thungo brigade headquarter. It’s apparent that summon was issued to force the village leaders to hand over their recently released MNREGA fund. The stand taken by the ACAUT Wokha unit that, Yikhum leaders cannot be summoned anywhere on the issue of tax/monetary matters and the strict adherence to "One Government One Tax" by the people of Wokha is once again a forceful reminder to Naga Factional Groups (NFGs)* that no arbitrary power can break the resolve of a people united for a good cause.

Therefore, on the issue of 24% tax and any other form of taxation levied by the NFGs, the ACAUT Nagaland makes it clear to the Naga public that these contentious issues can be addressed appropriately only if the people in the other districts are willing to come together like the 14 frontal organizations of Wokha district have done to form ACAUT Wokha unit believing in the slogan "One Government One Tax".

The ACAUT Nagaland supports the fervent appeal of its Wokha unit to NCSU (Nagaland Contractors' & Suppliers' Union) that the membership of YN Lotha, so-called Town Commander of Wokha Town, NSCN-IM, and also a government registered contractor, should be struck off from NCSU rolls.

Further ACAUT Nagaland questions as to how the District Administration and the Police can allow such harassments and threats be meted out to the public right under their nose, therefore ACAUT Nagaland request the district Administration and the Police to immediately take action and not to let people fend for themselves.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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