Press Release: ACAUT responds to NSCM (IM).

15th June, 2016

Apropos to the press release, "Condemn the extreme provocation hurled by the banned ACAUT", by the NSCN-IM, dated 13th June, the ACAUT Nagaland makes it clear that hatred for it cannot wish away the fact that the ACAUT is a people's movement. The ACAUT Nagaland considers factional taxations as a serious domestic problem but the compulsive obsession of the NSCN-IM to link it with the ongoing Naga Settlement is getting tiresome, especially the cooked up stories which everyone knows. Even the ranks and files within the NSCN(IM) themselves know these to be false, that ACAUT conniving with Indian establishment. ACAUT was not formed to oppose the NSCN-IM or any factions, for what kind of people in their right minds would oppose the armed Naga organisations fighting for Naga sovereignty? When even the mighty Indian army has failed to eliminate the Naga armed groups, the NSCN-IM with some of the sharpest minds should not engage in petty talks that this and that Army General and retired bureaucrats helped form the ACAUT to OPPOSE the NSCN-IM. Such accusations, apart from being condescending toward people's mental capacity to think for themselves, frustratingly undermines free expression. Rather, NSCN-IM should accept the truth and the truth is, ACAUT was birthed out of desperation, a desperation so deep-seated that 40,000 people left their fear psychosis for factional groups in their kitchens, and came out in the streets and adopted the slogan of "One Government, One Tax", as the final solution to end all factional fights and factional taxes. Again, the Naga people being staunch nationalists, the GoI was urged to settle the Indo-Naga Issue - resolution No. 2 - at the 31st October rally. Therefore, the pointed lies that the ACAUT Nagaland is anti-Naga movement and anti-solution does not convince anyone and for an organization like the NSCN-IM that claims people's mandate and to be representing the people, the 40,000 people's resolution surely must mean something; certainly cannot to be dismissed on flimsy grounds of conspiracy theory and the masses misled by a few individuals owing allegiance to India. Denying these irrefutable facts paints a picture of desperateness and insecurity. Therefore, that the NSCN-IM would accuse ACAUT of "Divide and Kill the Naga movement" agenda does not convince anyone. If truth be spoken, it's the factional groups which have "Divided and Killed the Naga movement”, as the fighting prowess of the once indomitable Nagas lies splattered due to their obsession with money.

ACAUT has no intention of scuttling the NSCN-IM settlement talks. In fact, ACAUT was one of the first to congratulate the Prime Minister of India for his sincere efforts to settle the Naga Issue when the Framework Agreement was announced. Thus far, ACAUT has been harping on unity and inclusiveness as the only solution to the side-business called factionalism, which no intelligent being can label as "Extreme provocation of the ACAUT", as pointed out. ACAUT may be a "nuisance" to the factions, but pointing out the menace of unabated taxation decidedly dividing the Naga movement into inconsequential factions having nightmarish consequences for the poor, general people is not nuisance; the issue is deliberate suppression of Naga people's right to live a dignified existence by side-tracking the core issue of Naga sovereignty.

So at the end, what is sovereignty to Nagas when the very same people whom the NSCN-IM is trying to liberate from India end up worst? Given the belligerent attitude, such is not far from the realm of possibilities. The NSCN-IM should begin to learn to live with dissensions, constructive oppositions and facts and reasons as it gears itself up for the settlement period since these are all democratic expressions. Already there is seething anger among the masses with the Naga Factional Groups, but remedial measures are few and far between. Instead of engaging in self glorifying propaganda like "Banning" ACAUT, NSCN-IM and the other factions should view ACAUT as an ally for it has been the "Safety-Valve"; pacifying public anger against the factions by channelling this anger into positive nationalism resulting in the desire for "ONE GOVERNMENT ONE TAX", and inclusive Naga solution. Therefore, ACAUT is not only the champion of the anti-corruption agenda, but is a propagator of Naga nationalism as well.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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