Representation by ACAUT Nagaland on fuel adulteration expose.

29th June, 2016

The Commissioner of Police,

Sub: Representation by ACAUT Nagaland on fuel adulteration expose

We take pleasure in submitting the following points for your kind implementation in the interest of justice and good governance. The ACAUT understands that investigation into the fuel adulteration racket, as carried out by the ACAUT along with the police and district administration on 27th June, 2016, at 6 places in Dimapur and Chumoukedima, is wrought with obstacles and the police/district administration will be compelled by higher ups in the government to take liberty with free and fair investigation. However, we are inclined to believe that the district administration and the police are more than capable of withstanding such pressures. The ACAUT urges your kind authority to consider the following points in order to reassure the common citizens:

  1. That all the kingpins of the fuel adulteration racket be immediately arrested within 7 days from the day the raid was carried out. The Kingpins have been identified as Dinanath, Srikanth, Umesh, Navel, Romeo, Ajay and Lalmohan. The list of names is not exclusive. The assets and properties of these individuals must be sealed till the investigation is complete as in all likelihood these were procured through illegal means and upon establishing the guilt of the accused persons the assets must be proportionally auctioned off.
  2. This racket being an inter-state operation, complicity of high officials, including politicians should be thoroughly probed without fear or favour. The names of all the kickback beneficiaries should be made public.
  3. Some of the kingpins are known to be running several fuel stations in various districts, including Dimapur. The ACAUT demands that the names of all these fuel stations be revealed, sealed and then publicly auctioned off.
  4. The landlords being culpable in this adulteration racket seems highly plausible, therefore, apart from being prosecuted under relevant sections of the law, the district administration should seize the properties from where the adulteration was being carried out and the property auctioned off once culpability is established. The landlord of Nagami filling station, Chumukedima is one Direng Lungalang; landlord of the premises at 5th Mile, Model Village, is one Nongtok Jamir; landlord of the premises at Old Tata Parking is one Yeshi Ao. As for the landlord of those 3 fuel adulteration premises at Ghorapatti, the ACAUT has no information.
  5. The complicity of the Food & Civil Supplies Department in this racket is beyond doubt. In all the raided premises, massive quantity of SK oil was found which indicates that SK Oil is being diverted to the black market for fuel adulteration purpose. Therefore, this angle should be thoroughly probed and the result made public within one week.
    • 19 tankers of various make with minimum 12,000 L capacities fully loaded with SK Oil (Blue color) were found inside the 6 premises. The minimum total of SK Oil calculable from these tankers is 228,000 litres.
    • Tens of containers- 2000L and 1000L plastic tanks, above 5000 L iron containers, drums, and 12,000 L tanks were discovered filled with SK Oil amounting to not less than 150,000 litres.
      If we calculate the approximate value of the seized SK oil in the open market @the rate of Rs. 50 per litre, it comes to around Rs.2 Crores.
  6. The ACAUT demands that the seized SK Oil should be distributed to the beneficiaries in all the districts.
  7. The seized items, including the 19 fuel tankers should be auctioned off.
  8. The seriousness of the fuel racket is borne by the fact that household paints (Asian Paint brand) and industrial paints (Zero solvent) are used to adulterate the fuel along with SK Oil.
  9. The ACAUT has so far filed FIRs in West PS and Diphupar PS.

At this crucial juncture, your office is strongly urged to withstand all sorts of pressures and carry out the investigation to its fullest and thereby reassure the hapless citizens that the law is paramount.

Yours Sincerely,

    ACAUT Nagaland
  2. (K. TIATEMSU)
    ACAUT Nagaland

Additional Points:

  1. The ACAUT has lodged FIR against the Food & Civil Supplies department as well.
  2. As per public demand, the EAC sealed the premises of Nagami petrol pump, Chumukedima on 27th June itself.
  3. As responsible citizens, the youths in the districts are urged to visit the fuel outlets/petrol pumps and conduct fuel density test to find out whether the consumers are getting good quality fuel. The assistance of the local Weights & Measures department can be enlisted for this purpose.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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