Isaac Chishi Swu: Condolences Message.

29th June, 2016

Today, the Nagas have lost one of its most important leaders who sacrificed his entire life for the cause of Nagas. ACAUT Nagaland extends it heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members and mourns with the rest of the Naga nation at the passing of a true leader and a patriot. History will remember Chairman Isaac Chishi Swu as a God fearing champion for freedom, for peace and reconciliation. To many of us he will be remembered as a man of uncommon grace and compassion, for whom abandoning bitterness and embracing adversaries was not just a political strategy but a way of life. He proved that there is freedom in forgiving, that a big heart is better than a closed mind, and that life's real victories must be shared.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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