Press Release: Adulterated fuel Outlets.

3rd July, 2016

The fuel adulteration racket as existing in the state is straight out from Mario Puzo’s Godfather novel. In his novel, the Sicilian mafia in New York has in their pockets, the judges, the police, the FBI, and the Senators as well, thanks to their ill-gotten wealth. This racket is nothing but a conspiracy which has been going on for the last 15 to 20 years whereby the conspirators- fuel adulterators, landlords, NPGs, administrative officials, F&CS department, police and the politicians have all gained enormous wealth at the cost of the common man. Though it is inappropriate for the ACAUT to comment on the integrity of the state judiciary, thanks to an archaic piece of whip called contempt of court, it may be added that the public is not only depending on the courts for full jail term for the suspects but attachment of their properties as well and it shall be truly unfortunate if the public loses faith in the judiciary.

The ACAUT has listed the fuel outlets of some of the fuel adulterators for action to be taken by the concerned public and authorities especially in the districts since these outlets sell adulterated fuel. It may be clarified that most of these outlets are benami properties of the named adulterators, that is, registered in Naga names. The fuel mafia unfairly avail the license under ST/educated unemployed/Widow category as per the criteria for entitlement and misuse it. Most of the namesake Naga owners get commissions ranging from 40,000 to 1Lakh per month. Therefore, as the outlets have been misused and misappropriated for criminal activities, the state government and the district administrations should immediately seal and cancel the permits of these outlets. For starters, the Dimapur administration and police should lead by example if the other districts are to follow suit.

  1. Lalmohan Choudary
    1. Nagaland Service Centre- Ghorapatti, Dimapur
    2. National Service Centre- 6th Mile, Dimapur
    3. Bharat Petroleum- 4th Mile, Dimapur
    4. Vivole SC- Kukidolong
    5. Essar-Jalukie
  2. Srikanth Prasad
    1. NRL – Two and half Mile, Dimapur
    2. Essar- 7th Mile, near LPG plant
    3. Bharat Petroleum- Piphima
    4. Sekhose S/station- Kohima
  3. Dinanath Prasad
    1. Essar- Wokha
    2. IOC- Phek
    3. Essar- Kiphire
    4. Nagami Service Station- Chumuokedima
    5. Essar- West Police Station, Dimapur
    6. Essar- Near DC junction, Dimapur
    7. IOC- Imphal Road, Kohima
  4. Umesh
    1. Ajay Auto Agency, Gologhat Road, Dimapur
    2. Chozuba, Phek

The ACAUT has also in its possession list of properties of all the fuel adulterators which it will hand over to the State Government if and when it decides to attach the properties of all the adulterators.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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