Clarification on Fuel Adulteration.

7th July, 2016

The ACAUT Nagaland would like to set the record straight that just because a fuel outlet owner is not involved in running a fuel adulteration unit does not mean he/she is selling clean fuel or that he/she is innocent. Further, simply because a fuel outlet owner is not linked with the fuel adulteration kingpins does not mean he/she is not complicit in the larger fuel adulteration racket. In addition, every SK Oil Agency in the state is a suspect since kerosene is mixed with petrol/diesel and supplied to the fuel outlets. Therefore, unless proven otherwise by the competent authorities, every fuel outlet in Nagaland is suspected of selling adulterated fuel and every SK Oil Agency of diverting kerosene to the adulteration units run by the kingpins.

As the SK Oil-fuel outlet-adulteration unit nexus is a complex one involving every known player including Manipur state, the ACAUT has been compelled to issue clarifications and will probably issue clarifications in the future too. Clarifications are mainly given to rectify errors and present the facts or the truth as it is. These clarifications are not 'clean chits' which only the competent authorities like the police and the courts can issue by way of either acquittal or conviction.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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