Inaction of State Vigilance Commission.

8th July, 2016

All said and done, the 6 fuel adulteration units, as busted jointly by the Dimapur police, the district administration and the ACAUT on 27th June should have grabbed the immediate attention of the State Vigilance Commission (SVC). It will be extreme dereliction of duty if the SVC, instead of taking up the case suo moto should wait for the complainants, in this case the ACAUT, to file FIR before it. The past record of the SVC in solving cases has been nothing short of discouraging.

To cite a few instances, in the year 2014, the ACAUT detected anomalies in procedures when the Excise Department undertook breaking of seized illicit alcohol bottles in its premises, Dimapur. The procedural lapses meant that above 30 lakhs worth of IMFL was missing. The ACAUT is of the strong opinion that the SVC recommended suspension of a few constables and lower ranked officers to cover-up the case of this magnitude by scapegoating lower cadres so as to protect the top fishes in the Excise Department which was travesty of justice of the worst kind.

In 2015, the ACAUT filed a complaint regarding the backdoor appointment of 36 BDOs. Needless to say, the sons and daughters of top bureaucrat's and politician's inserted as BDOs probably stopped the Commission from pursuing the issue.

Again, in the earlier part of 2016, the ACAUT filed a case regarding the misappropriation of Rs. 402 Crores in the F&CS department as per the CAG Report. The complaint also mentioned specific cases of siphoning of PDS items yet the case seems met its dead end without even starting.

Therefore if one goes by precedence, and knowing that the under par Commission is not known to have solved high profile cases/issues involving powerful politicians and bigwig bureaucrats, and the issue of "fuel adulteration" being precisely this, the outcome and handling of the case by the SVC seems obvious. Therefore, the question which be-gets the Naga public is, shouldn't the SVC be declared defunct and powerless department? And therefore, scrapped in the interest of the public on the grounds of it becoming a liability to the state finance and wasting public money? It so far appears to be serving only as a decorative arm for the state.

The ACAUT demands that the SVC live up to the expectation as a duly constituted statutory body. It demands that the SVC take suo-moto cognizance of the fuel adulteration case and investigate the connection between the fuel adulteration kingpins and the F&CS Department since the core issue involves siphoning off of SK OIL. While the criminal aspect of the case is already under investigation by the Dimapur police, the SVC should aid the investigation by probing WHY several lakh litres of SK oil meant for the poor people should be diverted into the adulteration business WITH the knowledge of the F&CS Department. If the SVC cannot take up this case for whatever reasons, the staff and members should honourably resign instead of bringing this body into disrepute time and again.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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