Rejection of the formation of SIT to address the issue of fuel adulteration.

15th July, 2016

The Hon'ble Chief Minister
Nagaland, Kohima

Sub: Rejection of the formation of SIT to address the issue of fuel adulteration unless it’s headed by the present Commissioner of Police, Dimapur.

Respected Sir,

That the Chief Minister, who is also the portfolio in-charge of F & CS Department, chose to remain silent for a full 16 days on the fuel adulteration issue is an admission in itself that the government wished for the issue to die a natural death. The silence of the Chief Minister and the government for such long periods in any other states would have led to massive street protests leading to unwarranted situations, even deaths. Even in a pliant state like Nagaland, the government should realise that the seething anger of the people cannot be contained for long since there is a limit to every situation. The announcement of the government that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) would be formed to investigate the case is nothing but an eye-wash and a conspiracy to derail the excellent work done by the Dimapur Police in investigating the case. The ACAUT Nagaland has thus resolved that it does not recognise the formation of the SIT by the State Government for the following simple reasons:

  1. The State government will ensure that the SIT gives a clean- chit to all the higher-ups in the government who are involved or linked to the larger fuel adulteration racket.
  2. It is beyond doubt that the SIT during the course of its investigation will not touch the issue of the siphoning of SK Oil to the tune of several lakh litres per month (out of 14 Lakh litres quota per month) to the fuel adulteration market and therefore, the SIT will be a toothless tiger to begin with.
  3. The SIT members, irrespective of their personal integrity and efficiency, will be compelled to compromise on the issue by the state government and therefore will be mere rubber stamp.
  4. When 4 of the 5 accused kingpins have been arrested by the Dimapur Police, the need for SIT does not arise unless the attempt is to sabotage the intensity and the commitment of the Dimapur Police's investigation so that higher officials are not implicated.

While the ACAUT rejects the formation of the SIT for the stated reasons, the ACAUT will also reject the formation of any so-called 'judicial enquiry' in case it's being contemplated. It is a fact that for a state which is one of the most corrupted in India, the state judiciary hasn’t convicted even a single person on corruption matter. This speaks volumes about the efficacy and integrity of our state's judicial system. There have been numerous instances when the judiciary has undone the good work done by the police on sensitive issues by issuing bails even on non-bailable sections thereby giving rise to suspicions that the judiciary is under the spell of politicians and corruptive influences. The public has lost all faith in the state judiciary and it would be a spit on public face if the government institutes a 'judicial enquiry' on this issue.

Thus, given the circumstances, the ACAUT Nagaland rejects the formation of the SIT or any 'Judicial Enquiry' in the future. However, ACAUT is willing to accept the SIT provided the present Commissioner of Dimapur police heads the body. As it is the ACAUT has full faith in the Dimapur Police to carry out the investigation to its logical conclusion. However, it cannot allow hand-picked SIT to usurp the power of Dimapur Police and if the intention of the state government and the Hon'ble CM is sincere, the subject matter of Dimapur police Commissioner heading the SIT should be accepted. Unless this is so, the government will only aggravate the situation.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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