Press Release: Zunheboto CMO

3rd August, 2016

On 11 th July, a FIR was registered at Zunheboto Police Station against the office of the CMO for deduction of staff salary under 24% NPG "salary tax" following which the CMO obtained anticipatory bail while 4 of his colleagues are awaiting the same bail. In a very unfortunate development, the complainant, an ACAUT core member, has been put under duress by a particular faction to withdraw the FIR. Therefore, the ACAUT is forced to make this PUBLIC DECLARATION that if anything happens to the complainant, an ACAUT member who filed the FIR on behalf of the movement, the 5 employees of the CMO establishment, including the CMO Dr. Hokishe, and Accountant Zuhoto, shall be solely responsible.

In the meantime, as per standing ACAUT Resolution, there will a blanket ban on ACAUT members going to the designated camps of the numerous factions neither are summons acceptable.

The state government on their part should ensure that nothing untoward happens to responsible citizens who are always on the forefront fighting for the common good.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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