Press Release: Fuel adulteration

3rd August, 2016

The seizure of an illegal solvent consignment by Kohima Police belonging to out-on-bail adulteration kingpin, Ajay Prasad, is a very serious matter which has only reinforced the public opinion that the criminal-justice system in the state is in need of a serious overhaul. Since the day the fuel adulteration racket was busted on 27 th June, it was clear that the racket was being operated by highly connected people. This suspicion was renewed when the kingpins got anticipatory bail regardless of the very serious nature of the issue. Now that one of the kingpins, namely, Ajay Prasad, has taken advantage of his anticipatory bail and restarted his criminal operations with impunity showing his scant regard for the laws of the land, should the public finally conclude that the judiciary has long closed its eyes and ears to matters of justice? For too long, criminals have openly abused our criminal-justice system. The tag of Nagaland as a failed state should not encompass the judiciary, but sadly, the continued abuse of the system speaks otherwise.

ACAUT appeals to the courts to act swiftly and decisively and cancel the bails granted to all the fuel adulteration kingpins. Failure to do so would be morally indefensible

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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