Application to The Chief Secretary, Nagaland, for action against CMO of Zunheboto.

5th August, 2016


The Chief Secretary,

Sub: Action in the form of additional FIR to be registered against the CMO of Zunheboto and 4 other employees including the Accountant Zuhoto, in the form of termination from service for: a). Deducting 24% salary of the employees under CMO establishment, Zunheboto b). Flouting government notification against payment of tax by government servants to any other authority other than the state government, and c). Instigating a factional group to threaten the complainant who filed a FIR against the same CMO and the office of the CMO on the same 24% deduction issue.

The undersigned representing the ACAUT Nagaland would like to make a strong appeal on the said subject considering the seriousness of the issue. That on 11th July, 2016, the ACAUT FIR complaint against the CMO establishment, ZBTO, for deduction of employee salaries was registered under Zunheboto Police station. Accordingly, the CMO, Dr. Hokishe obtained anticipatory bail and 4 other employees, the Accountant Zuhoto included, are in the process of obtaining anticipatory bail as well. However, in a most unfortunate turn of event not befitting their status as government servants, a particular factional group started harassing the complainant, Hetoi Chishi, an ACAUT member, for withdrawal of the FIR at the apparent instigation of the 5 employees. It is a very serious matter as to how this particular faction should start harassing the complainant when the ACAUT made no mention of any particular faction having served tax notice to the CMO establishment unless of course those mentioned employees had a hand in it. The ACAUT would like to make it clear that this criminal threat and intimidation at the behest of armed factions should attract the strictest penalty under relevant sections of IPC and CrPC. Secondly, any form of taxation including salary deduction is illegal (Indian Penal Code-Chapter XII) and as per the Home Department notification dated 23rd April, 2004, No. CON/CF/97/99 as well as the PHQ circular dated NO.PHQ/IGP/CB/285, 12TH June, 2015, no taxation in any form is allowed in the state nor government servants allowed to entertain such deduction notices. Therefore, the state government is strongly urged to take action as per the subject matter basing on government notifications failing which the government would be held responsible for any unfortunate turn of events.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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