Press Release: Issue of Tender permits by Kohima Municipal Council (KMC).

12th August, 2016

It is simply incomprehensible as to why the learned Administrator of Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) would issue the so-called "Tender Permits" on essential commodities to few moneyed individuals, thereby abusing the system shamelessly, unless ofcourse the Adminstrator, KMC, the top officials in the Municipal Affairs Department, or the Parliamentary Secretary himself have been compromised, there is no ground for issuance of Tender Permits and allowing a handful of individuals to monopolize one of the biggest markets in the state. This Tender Permit system is absolutely condemnable and the Administrator of KMC should immediately clarify as to who is behind this trying to introduce syndicate system failing which the KMC establishment shall not be above suspicion of having compromised itself. The ACAUT Nagaland supports the stand of the KVYO giving 7 days time to KMC to revoke all the illegal permits.

"Tender Permits" and "Agencies" are nothing but illegal monopolies which harms all consumers, mostly the poor people. Again, the "Agency System" prevalent in Tuensang is another notable example of how the DCs or the district administration in the districts have become indifferent to the cries of the common man either due to fear, lack of integrity, or simply because of individual incompetence. The demand of Tuensang Town All Ward Union (TTAWU) demanding from the DC, Tuensang, for the cancellation of all "Agency Systems" is justified and long overdue. The Agency System in Tuensang has been in existence for a long time but none of the successive DCs have had the guts to stop this malpractice with an iron hand. The present DC, Tuensang, is strongly urged to strictly abide by the rules and regulations and arrest the practitioners of the Agency System without fear or favor. If the DC, Tuensang, is still groping in the dark, the ACAUT Nagaland can provide names of the "Agency" holders for his prompt caution.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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