Support for people of Wokha.

20th August, 2016

It goes without saying that people will take whatever means necessary to protect themselves if the State fails to do so. The recent incident on 12th August, where the office of the Town Command, NSCN-IM, was ransacked is testament to this fact. The ACAUT Nagaland is solidly behind the Wokha people and the joint resolution passed by several frontal organizations such as ACAUT Wokha unit, Lotha Youth HOHO, ACVA, WDEA, Team Metamorphosis and WDAU, namely:

  1. That the State Government arrest the so-called Town Commander of Wokha, one Mr. Nrikhon aka Albert Lotha, who is also a member of NCSU and Lotha Class-1 Registered Union, within 10 days, that is, on or before 23rd August.
  2. That the Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group take serious note of public sentiment and shift out the so-called office of the Town Command from Wokha immediately.

The ACAUT Nagaland had already filed a FIR against the so-called Town Commander of NSCN-IM on 11th June. If the police and the State Government had paid careful attention to the ground reality prevailing at Wokha and taken serious note of the FIR and arrested the Town Commander, the August 12 incident would not have taken place. Rather, the complacent attitude of the State Government has once again resulted in a more vitiated atmosphere for which the PHQ and the State Government will have to share the blame. Before the situation turns for worse, the State Government is strongly urged to arrest the Town Commander as per the FIR registered against him and for his extortion activity at Santsuphen, Wokha.

The demands of the Wokha frontal organisations should not be taken lightly for they represent the opinion of the general public. For too long Wokha people have has been left to courageously fend for themselves with the state government remaining a mute spectator. There is a limit to all harassments meted out to the people by the NPGs and therefore, unless the Government acts swiftly and decisively by addressing the core demands, Wokha is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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