Press Release: ACAUT condemns DMC toll gate lease system

27th September, 2016

ACAUT supports the civil society organizations stand against the latest order of the Municipal Affairs Department notifying the start of lease system in DMC tolls from October 2016 and also totally condemns this move. The 19th September notification defies Good Governance, or else how can one justify the logic behind this outrageous decision to hand over DMC toll Tax collection to private individuals? This notification is nothing but simply anti people as it will cause undue harassment to the general public. The ACAUT Nagaland is constrained to conclude that this order is pure corruption where vested interest higher ups in the department may have been promised hefty amounts by unscrupulous fly-by-night businessmen to issue the nonsensical and tainted directive. The ACAUT is acutely aware that even in the past, the portfolio-incharge of Municipal Affairs Department (MAD) was actively involved in giving out lease in toll tax collection to his cronies. In fact, allegations were hurled that crores of rupees had changed hands for the favour of awarding leases, mostly to non-locals. Thus, not only was the tendering process thrown into the dustbin but these leasees also managed to avoid paying Income Tax. Thus, on the one hand, the portfolio-in charge made huge sums of illicit money and on the other hand the government lost out on revenue. Very importantly, if the lease system is allowed to come back, not only will development of link roads, culverts, etc., in Dimapur Municipal area will stop but the 300 plus employees of DMC will stop getting salaries.

The lease system is nothing but extortion and incase the department wishes to implement it, the potential leasees who may have paid bribes to the departmental heads to get the 19th September notification in their favour may go ahead at their own risks.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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