Press Release: Appreciation to all the ANTA units for support on fuel adulteration inquiry

4th October, 2016

The Co-Ordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCoFA) expresses its deepest appreciation to all the ANTA units, particularly ANTA (Dimapur), Dimapur District Truck Drivers’ Welfare Trade Union (DDTDWTU), Dimapur District Truck Owners’ Association (DDTOA), and the Pick-up associations/unions for voicing solidarity with the 10th September public resolution demanding CBI enquiry into the inter-state fuel adulteration mess. The CCoFA would like to stress that all the ANTA units in the different districts co-operated remarkably well thereby ensuring that no taxis plied in the state- virtually making it an All-Nagaland chakka bandh. That the commercial vehicles chose to voluntarily stay off the road, incurring heavy losses in the process, was a sacrifice for a cause and an indication that the common citizens had had enough of all the wanton corruption in the state. The CCoFA, a conglomeration of 21 civil society organisations would like to tell the citizens that the state government has the authority and the power to institute a CBI enquiry into the adulteration issue. And yet, if the CCoFA is forced to implement highway bandh in the state as per the 10th September public resolution, the government is to be squarely blamed.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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