Press Release: Appeal on indefinite highway bandh

16th October, 2016

The indefinite highway bandh called by the CCoFA on 17th October has nothing to do with the SIT or the charge sheet to be filed by it, as supposed by the Cabinet. The bandh has been called because the government failed to call in a CBI enquiry within the 15 days deadline. The CCoFA is not bothered whether the SIT is filing its charge sheet within 3 days or 10 days or after 1 month. The point which the CCoFA wants to convey to the general public is that the SIT cannot satisfactorily bring the case to its logical conclusion because the fuel adulterationissue is not merely confined to the 5 kingpins. This racket involves virtually the whole of the Food & Civil Supplies Department and the politicians. For instance, the Naga public are not fools to believe that the SIT will dare Charge-sheet the portfolio in charges of F&CS department in the last 15-20 years, if indeed they are found culpable. Therefore, to begin with the SIT was formed with its hands tied behind and its integrity already compromised. This was the very reason the ACAUT had previously rejected the SIT when it was first announced. Thus, the government is requested not to mislead the public.

The CCoFA appeals to all the Naga public for solidarity and prayer support. The CCoFA is also of the view that a CBI investigation should also culminate into complete overhauling or cleansing of the most corrupted F&CS department which automatically will benefit lakhs of Naga families living from hand to mouth. Therefore, the CCoFA totally condemns the confrontational attitude of the state government when instead it should be assisting it. This agitation is a moral battle between the vast majority of helpless citizens on one side and the insensitive government on the other side and indeed the repercussions will be serious. By adopting a confrontational attitude, the government has by default declared that it supports the Kingpins, Dinanath, Srikanth, Umesh, Naval and Ajay Prasad and will continue to support corruption.

Once again, if any untoward incident takes place, the government will be solely responsible. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that the CCOFA also announces that,apart from NFC Gate, Dillai and Chumoukedima Check Gate, bandh along the entire stretch of Highway-29 will be manned by youth volunteers of Zubza, Peducha and Medziphema in their respective jurisdictions. The law enforcing agencies on their part should have nothing to worry about since the agitation will be peaceful and non-violent; which is the constitutional right of the people in the event the government resort unlawful and arbitrary means to sabotage the protest by means of arresting then the public resort to “jail Bharao” in tune with Gandhian philosophy.

Media Cell, CCoFA.

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