Press Release: Highway bandh - Brutality of Dimapur Police

18th October, 2016

A highly respected body like the Dimapur Police Commissionerate has greatly damaged its image by engaging in deception and brutality. According to newspaper notice on 18th October, volunteers were called to gather at Chumoukedima Bridge, Patkai junction, at 6 am. Later on, 9 leaders of CCoFA were taken into custody from the site by the police around 7.30 am. However, prior to the arrest, the officer in charge ACP Khalo Kapfo was asked why he felt the gathering was unlawful if no curfew or section 144 CrPC had been imposed? He had no answer since there was none. Later on, as news of the arrest spread, the local youths, as instructed by CCoFA leadership, were marching peacefully towards the arrest site to court arrest as part of Jail Bharao strategy. However, IRB jawans led by a DSP officer brutally assaulted the youths, near the 1st Gate, Chumoukedima. The VP of CTYO was seriously injured requiring 6 stitches on his profusely bleeding head.

Therefore, to cover up its own brutality, the Dimapur police, belatedly imposed section 144 CrPC but only after BACK-TIMING its issuance as 7 am which was notably dishonorable. And whereas the decision to impose the section couldn’t have been before 8.30 am. This back-timing was done solely to cover up the police’s misconduct and in order for the police to give the justification that unlawful assembly had taken place. Also, it is greatly surprising that the police chose to impose 144 CrPC in secret without even a single soul knowing about it? The sheer dishonesty of this order should shame even hardened criminals. The CCoFA condemns such dishonourable conduct.

Court arrest is a common phenomenon all over the world. Therefore, the IRB DSP who led the brutal assault must either be a psychotic or a backdoor appointee who doesn’t know the meaning of court arrest for there is no other explanation as to why he should behave that way. The CCoFA totally condemns this inhuman action and demands the suspension of the said officer and disciplinary action taken upon him if Dimapur police wants to restore its pristine image.

In the meantime, the indefinite highway bandh has been temporarily suspended on the assurance given by the Chief Minister that the SIT will submit its charges within 7 days; but in the event there are discrepancies in the charge sheet, the CM has assured that there will be an independent investigative body to probe the issue for which the CS has already given a written confirmation.

CCoFA assures the youths of Nagaland that in the event the Government reneges on its promise, there shall be repercussions.

Media Cell, CCoFA.

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