Press Release: On formation of Co-ordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCoFA)

20th October, 2016

The Co-ordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCoFA) comprising of 21 civil society organizations was formed after thorough public deliberation represented by all the leading organisations including NCD, NWHD and DNSU at the meeting held on 10th September 2016. The endorsement of the 3 leading organisations greatly emboldened the gathering and the discourse further. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that had it not been for the morale-boosting endorsement and support from these three apex organizations, the resolution to go for indefinite highway bandh in the state would not have been passed. While the CCoFA appreciates the concern shown by the 3 organisations regarding the lightning bandh between Chumoukedima and Purana Bazaar, it also reminds them that had it not been for their solid endorsement calling for CBI enquiry within 15 days, it’s probable the people wouldn’t have downed their shutters in protest despite the police brutality at Chumoukedima. The CCoFA also appreciates the physical presence of DNSU (Dimapur Naga Students’ Union) office bearers at New Field Check gate, thereby showing strong solidarity with the bandh.

It’s most crucial more than ever for us to stay strong in our resolve and also to stay true to the public resolution adopted on 10th Sept 2016 at Lake Shilloi so that we may usher in a better Nagaland.

Media Cell, CCoFA.

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