Press Release: SK Oil scam in F&CS Department

23rd October, 2016

The fuel adulteration issue is not confined to the kingpins alone as the state government would like us to believe. The fact of the matter is that the F&CS department, along with the kingpins - also the SK Oil stockiest, has been diverting crores of litres of SK Oil to the black market for the last 15-20 years with impunity. In the process, hundreds of Crores of rupees have enriched the pockets of an entire spectrum of society, most notably the politicians and the bureaucratic class, as also the keepers of the law. The table below of SK Oil supply & distribution is as per the RTI document furnished to the ACAUT Nagaland.

# Year SK Oil quota given by the Centre to the state per year (in Litres) Actual SK Oil distributed to the districts per year (in Litres) Difference between A and B per year Diversion of SK oil in percentage
1 2003-04 1,63,20,000 1,15,08,000 48.12 Lakh Litres 30%
2 2004-05 1,64,00,000 1,09,56,000 54.44 Lakh litres 33%
3 2005-06 1,63,27,000 1,09,56,000 53.71 lakh litres 33%
4 2006-07 1,63,22,000 1,09,56,000 53.66 lakh litres 33%
5 2007-08 1,68,44,000 1,20,68,000 47.76 lakh litres 29%
6 2008-09 1,71,00,000 1,11,24,000 59.76 lakh litres 35%
7 2009-10 1,71,06,000 9,31,000 1 Cr 61 lakh 75,000 litres 94%
8 2010-11 1,70,88,000 9,04,000 1 Cr 61 lakh 84,000 litres 94%
9 2011-12 1,71,24,000 9,26,000 1 Cr 61 lakh 98,000 litres 94%
10 2012-13 1,71,36,000 9,27,000 1 Cr 62 lakh 09,000 litres 94%
11 2013-14 1,71,12,000 9,27,000 1 Cr 61 lakh 85,000 litres 94%
12 2014-15 1,70,88,000 1,06,92,000 63.96 lakh litres 48%
Total 20,19,67,000L or 20.19 Crore litres 8,28,75,000L or 8.28 Crore litres 11,90,92,000 or 11.90 Crore litres

In the last 12 years, the F&CS department diverted approximately 12 Crore litres of SK oil, meant for poor beneficiaries, to the black market. Thus, the end result being, Nagaland emerged as the largest producer of adulterated fuel in the country. In monetary value, 12 crore litres @Rs.40 per litre at today’s market rate would be approximately Rs. 500 Crores.

Successive Chief Ministers have felt the need to totally control the goose-that-lays-the-golden egg F&CS department. Not surprisingly, the years 2009-14 witnessed maximum diversion where virtually nil SK Oil reached the poor people. This being the hard reality of the fuel adulteration case- the sheer criminal nature of the diversion, it is simply condemnable that the Cabinet would rather call the indefinite highway bandh called by the CCoFA illegal instead of declaring a war against corruption. It is now absolutely incumbent upon the government to support anti-corruption measures called by various sections of society instead of aggravating issues with legalistic measures, such as labelling bandhs and agitations as ‘illegal’.

Unless the SIT Charge sheet is comprehensive, inclusive of the SK Oil diversion in the last 15-20 years and the manner of its disposal, as highlighted by the ACAUT, there’s bound to more unwarranted situation for which the government shall be solely answerable to the people. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that complete sanitization of food and civil supplies department is carried out with every ounce of rice, dal, sugar, wheat or litres of kerosene received by every rightful families in Nagaland.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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