Press Release: ACAUT objected to the NIT process F&CS Department

25th October, 2016

To set the record straight, the ACAUT objected to the NIT (Notice Inviting Tender) process in F&CS for the simple reason that the tendering norms favored the same syndicates who have been controlling the department for the last 15-20 years. While appreciating the F&CS department for initiating tendering after a gap of almost 2 decades if not more, the open fact remains that thousands of crores worth of PDS items like rice, wheat, levy sugar, SK Oil, etc., have not reached the intended beneficiaries in the districts because of the presence of syndicates. Therefore, even if the tendering system is an effort to streamline the department, the process is not only flawed, but most surprisingly, is designed to propagate the stranglehold of the syndicates further! The table below will make clear to the public how the syndicate comprising of Carriage contractors -local Nagas as decorative fronts, politicians, the department, and non-local businessmen have pocketed thousands of Crores of rupees.
The Table is as per RTI information furnished by the F&CS department:

# Year Total Wheat supplied as State quota under APL, BPL, AAY, Welfare Scheme, & Hostel Scheme (in Kg) Distribution of wheat under APL, BPL, AAY, to all the 11 districts as per departmental records (in Kg) Remark by ACAUT Nagaland
1 2003-04 5,76,72,000 12,51,30,000 It is an absolute fabrication to claim that the F&CS deptt has been supplying Wheat to the Villages in the Districts when Nagas don’t eat Wheat. The only Realistic conclusion Is, there is virtual 100% diversion Of wheat to the Black market.
2 2004-05 8,83,57,000 14,92,28,000
3 2005-06 6,07,05000 12,18,80,000
4 2006-07 3,52,41,000 9,01,76,000
5 2007-08 3,71,38,000 3,49,08,000
6 2008-09 3,33,52,000 3,09,06,000
7 2009-10 3,51,68,000 2,42,92,000
8 2010-11 3,85,46,000 3,61,37,000
9 2011-12 3,83,15,000 3,59,06,000
10 2012-13 3,33,15,000 3,09,06,000
11 2013-14 2,58,23,000 2,34,14,000
12 2014-15 2,71,61,000 2,52,87,000
Total 51,07,93,000 Kg or 51.07 Crore kg 72,81,70,000 Kg Or 72.81 Crore Kg

The fact is, Nagas don’t consume wheat. So why should the department distribute wheat when there are no consumers or beneficiaries unless of course the whole consignment is diverted to the open market by the carriage contractors and the syndicate players. The whole PDS is such a mess that even the records supplied through RTI portrays that in the years between 2003-07, the FnCS department distributed more wheat than was supplied by the Central government!

Thus, if we calculate the 12 year quota of wheat supplied, that is, 51.07 Crore Kg x Rs. 25 per kg at present market rate, the monetary value comes to Rs. 1276,98,25,000/- (one thousand two hundred seventy six Crores ,ninety eight lakhs and twenty five thousand rupees) . In other words, it’s aRs. 1,276 Crore scam. The general public can make their own conclusion as per the facts laid out.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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