Press Release: Corrupted practices by Director of F&CS

31st October, 2016

Despite making appeal to the Director, Food and Civil Supply to cancel and rectify the tender called to transport PDS under NFSA covering entire block of Nagaland pointing out anomalies and procedural flaw in the NIT and for bending the rule of the game for conies and syndicate who have been sucking poor man’s meal for at every opportune time for last 15-20 years. The Director went ahead with total disregard to the rules and procedure a clear case of misuse of office and authority.

The Director further went a step ahead by bending rules to protect those cronies and syndicates creating history in tendering process for wrong reason by adding a clause under terms and condition which was neither listed in the tender document nor in the NIT. This clause signed by the Director was made known to the participants inside the tender opening hall, the clause reads, “After opening of tender, no complain shall be entertained”. This clause is an attempt to make his manipulation foolproof. ACAUT would like to remind the Director that in a democracy where manipulation, favoritism and anomaly is found the participant has every right for disapproval and lodge a complaint and if need can even go to court for redressal.

Secondly, ACAUT question the Tender committee how some firms with same Truck registration and numbers were made to qualify technically for multiple districts when the tender guidelines clearly says that, “A tendered should have a minimum of Ten (10) numbers of trucks attached for carrying food grains”. ACAUT wonders if contractors with 10-15 trucks is awarded contract for multiple districts will it be feasible for contractor to carry all the food grains.

ACAUT Nagaland further demands that the contract work should be split into separate 75 Blocks rather than 11 districts, so that many educated unemployed youth can gainfully engage themselves as self-employment rather than few powerful individuals.

ACAUT Nagaland is made to believe that the Director has a personal interest for above mentioned reasons; therefore the Director is once again reminded that the tender should be cancelled immediately and make changes as suggested by ACAUT. Failure to comply with the demand the Director who is NIT calling authority will be fully responsible as stated in our earlier letter to the Director.

Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland.

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