Press Release: CCoFA support for NSSTA

2nd November, 2016

The indication that the state of Nagaland is going awry and failing is perhaps indicated by rise in the grievances and discontentment of the general public in all spheres of life and the failure of the government to respond adequately and justly. Of late, the response of the Government in addressing these issues by resorting to usage of brute force upon peaceful protestors is indicative of the nervousness of the government on issues of misappropriation and corruption in the government. The habitual use of brute force is arbitrary, highly illegal and to be condemned in the highest terms. The brutality and high handedness of the government using water canon on peaceful demonstration led by NSSTA teachers who were only demanding that their salary be paid is the gravest of injustice meted out by a democratic government, acting more in an autocratic mold.

Coordination committee on Fuel adulteration (CCoFA) fears that although the government may have promised to pay the aggrieved teachers for now, it may be only a temporary reprieve after which the teachers will be again forced to resort to agitation in order to get their salary. It is the opinion of CCoFA that the state government which is mired in controversy on mismanagement and corruption should step down on moral grounds.

Media Cell, CCoFA

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